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Espaços Portalegre® User Terms

The information on the website espacos-portalegre.com can be visualised, copied, printed and distributed exclusively for non-commercial purposes regarding all copies contain the legal copyright notice mentioned above.This information may also be used with the purpose of a purchase request. The content of this website may not be modified or reinterpreted so as to be protected by another copyright, patent, brand or intellectual property registry other than Espaços Portalegre®.

The information available on the website espacos-portalegre.com may contain technical inaccuracies or typos. Thus, Espaços Portalegre® does not assume any responsibility, in any way, over any direct, indirect, incidental or collateral damage inherent to visits to its pages, namely loss of data, loss of profit and other benefits and business interruption derived from the use or impossibility of use of information on this website.

Espaços Portalegre® declines, furthermore, any responsibility over the contents of the websites of the various agencies which advertise on Espaços Portalegre® and, subsequently, over the websites of third parties which maintain a connection with espacos-portalegre.com and/or from espacos-portalegre.com.


"Cookies" are small bits of information that can help identify your browser and can store information such as user settings and preferences.

While using espacos-portalegre.com, it may store "cookies" on your computer that will be used to help determine the usefulness, the number of visits, allowing faster navigation, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information, always respecting your anonymity and not collecting any personal information - you can always disable them through your browser.

With the exception of the "cookies" specifically required for the performance and execution of the website, the storage of other "cookies" will always depend on the acceptance and consent of the user, and this consent may be withdrawn at any time through specific browser tools.

Privacy Policy

It is only possible to access certain areas on the website by user registration. Personal information or other that is collected at the moment of the user registration / information request / general enquiry / alert setup is exclusively destined for administrative and informatics use and solely in the scope of the services requested by the user (or related) in the website Espaços Portalegre® and/or other real estate / touristic partner websites.

When registering, the user assumes the compromise of supplying Espaços Portalegre® thorough and complete information, namely e-mail address, and of notifying Espaços Portalegre® in case of any change to the supplied information.

Espaços Portalegre® assumes the compromise of respecting the legislation in force regarding personal data protection and to not providing, under any manner or term, this information to other entities (out of company scope).

The user may access his/her data, online or should he/she so intend, request access in writing, check its correction and, should it be necessary, to rectify it. For that you should use the option available online or contact info@aluga-algarve.com

Espaços Portalegre® also assumes the compromise of adopting the necessary security measures to assure user personal data protection against its possible abusive use or against unauthorised access.


All contents in this electronic edition of Espaços Portalegre®, namely texts, photos, illustrations and other are protected by law, in agreement with the Code of Author’s Rights and Related Rights.

The copy, reproduction and diffusion of texts, photos, illustrations and other elements in this electronic edition without the express authorisation of Espaços Portalegre® is strictly forbidden, regardless the used means, with the exception of the quotation right under the terms of the law.

The commercial use of elements contained in the electronic edition of Espaços Portalegre®, namely texts, photos, illustrations and others are strictly forbidden.

Espaços Portalegre® holds the right to act judicially against authors of any unauthorised copy, reproduction, diffusion or commercial exploration of the elements in this electronic edition, namely texts, photos, illustrations and others.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

According to article 18 of Law no. 144/2015, of September 8, it is informed that, in the event of a dispute or dissatisfaction with the service or product made available, the consumer may use one of the entities of Alternative Dispute Resolution, which are listed at www.arbitragemdeconsumo.org. Additional information on this subject can be found at www.consumidor.pt.

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